Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

adsense alternatives

There are numerous adsense alternatives, but you’re probably not aware of all of them. Here’s a quick look at some of the top ad networks and CPM based ad platforms that are popular with marketers.


PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks on the web. It provides ad units, layouts, and pop-under ads that are perfect for sites of all kinds. The company offers a wide range of targeting options and extensive reporting tools. In fact, the company launched thousands of advertising campaigns every day.

PropellerAds is best suited for publishers looking to increase their revenue from ad traffic. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, pop-under, and video ads. They also provide an in-banner ad format that can be used to create a more stimulating visitor experience. You can sign up for a free account and get started with $5 deposited via PayPal.

PropellerAds is a self-serve platform that interfaces between advertisers and publishers. The company’s ad attribution software can help you to optimize the ad placements on your site, so you can improve your performance. The company’s ad optimization tools are powered by AI, which is great for fine-tuning your settings to maximize conversions.

PropellerAds also has some features that you won’t find with other ad networks. One is its ability to pay out in real time. This means that you can receive payment after your earnings have exceeded a certain threshold.


BuySellAds has served tens of thousands of website owners and advertisers since 2008. They offer a variety of ad types and have expanded their services to include mobile, programmatic buying, and a demand side platform.

The platform also has a number of useful features, including a self-serve ad marketplace, an in-house ad optimization tool, and tutorials on SEO. For the publisher, they can take advantage of reporting tools that show their revenue, ad performance, and ad placement. It is also possible to backfill ad space until they sell it.

The minimum payout is only $20, but publishers can expect to earn between 75% and 100% of their earnings. As a Google AdSense alternative, BuySellAds can serve as a secondary source of advertising revenue. However, it is important to note that the site must be English-language to be eligible for the service.

Infolinks is an international advertising and ad-serving company that offers both publishers and advertisers a comprehensive suite of ad-management tools. Among its more notable features are the company’s state-of-the-art account management, its integration with multiple mobile ad networks, and its ability to reach the most engaged audience possible.

Another lesser known AdSense alternative is RevenueHits, which aims to provide a better ad-placement experience for publishers. While it isn’t as flashy as the others, it has a simple dashboard, no minimum traffic requirement, and a compliance team to make sure your ads are compliant.


If you are looking for Google Adsense alternatives, you should try BidVertiser. It is one of the best ad networks for publishers.

Its bidding campaign system helps you maximize ad revenue. You can get paid monthly. However, it takes time to get to know your site and visitors. And it is important to have a family-friendly and well-designed website.

Another good option for publishers is PopAds. They offer fast payments, useful control over targeting and popunder ad features, and a minimum of $5 per day. You can get up to a $500 payout with a wire transfer.

Infolinks is another good ad network for publishers. This platform provides ads that are contextually targeted, generating higher engagement and CTR. In addition, Infolinks’ state-of-the-art account management helps you make the most out of your advertising.

Adsterra is a European ad network that serves CPC, CPA, and PPC ads. This platform is growing in popularity, with ten billion unique ad impressions monthly. The company focuses on website and mobile advertisements.

SHE Media is a partner network that specializes in matching female-focused content creators with advertisers. Their blogs garner millions of monthly views and receive ad revenue. They also operate a partner network that matches female-focused advertisers with bloggers who specialize in women’s interests.


Unlike Google AdSense, Ezoic has a different focus. It provides a variety of innovative advertising solutions for publishers. Its platform helps to optimize the website user experience and enables innovation in the ad layouts and frameworks. This means more website owners can benefit from its services.

Ezoic offers an extensive analytics tool to help you analyze your ads and your site. It also features an Ad Layout Tester and a Site Speed Calculator. In addition, it works with WordPress and Cloudflare CDN.

Ezoic works with a variety of ad formats, including native ads, pop-unders, and banners. You can choose between a number of ad networks, allowing you to maximize your revenue. Among the best options is PropellerAds, which offers in-banner video ads, pop-unders, and standard banner ads.

Another good option is Sonobi, an advertising network that provides publishers with access to all ad formats. They also offer real-time bidding solutions and control over ad inventory. However, they require a minimum payment of $10 to publish with the service.

Another AdSense alternative is Adversal, which allows publishers to manage their ad placement. The company offers a variety of ad types, including banners, pop-unders, native ads, and direct links. Using the company’s platform, you can calculate your revenue each day and payout your earnings via PayPal or direct deposits.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM based ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a type of contextual advertising that enables publishers to display native product listings from Amazon. These products are displayed to users based on the content of the page, the visitor’s interest and the keywords found in the content. It’s a great way to improve visitor engagement and increase revenue.

The good thing about these ads is that they are contextual. If a user clicks on the ad, then the publisher receives a commission. This is a much better method than Google’s AdSense, which only displays ad units that the visitor is interested in. You may also choose to use Amazon CPM ads, which will only show the ad if the publisher can meet the ad’s target CPM rate.

In addition to its own ad network, Amazon has an affiliate program that lets publishers earn ad revenue by placing shopping ads on their site. The affiliate program pays a commission on every sale that’s made through the publisher’s link. For a site owner, this could be a great source of additional income.

There are a number of other ad networks that offer similar features. One of these is Exponential. They have an impressive ad platform with an ad unit that’s considered the best in the industry. Another one is PropellerAds. Their ad unit is considered a major draw, and they have a robust, default tag management system.


Monumetric is an advertising network provider that only works with traffic from the United States and Canada. They offer the best of both worlds by offering pay per click (PPC) advertisements as well as ad placements on Google’s Bing and Yahoo search engines. This ad network also offers four different monetization options.

The most basic option allows publishers to earn a flat rate for each ad served on their site. These ads come in a range of sizes and formats. You can choose to use ad networks such as Adsterra or run your own ad campaigns.

One of the more impressive ad features of the Monumetric network is its proprietary ad management system. Their ad management tools allow you to keep track of your ad inventory and performance. There is also a robust reporting section that allows you to see how much money you are making in real time. To top it off, there is also a dedicated compliance team that ensures your ads aren’t breaking any rules.

Monumetric’s top notch dashboard makes it one of the most user friendly ad platforms available. Among the more useful features is its “Revenue Management Wizard” that can help you determine which ad units and formats are earning you the most money.


Connatix is an ad network that aims to provide high volume traffic websites with advertising revenue. They offer video campaigns, articles that integrate into a site, and total control of user experience. In addition, they don’t accept adult-related content. Their traffic mainly comes from the US. It’s a good choice for sites that are not looking to get started with AdSense.

The Connatix ad network has a simple three-step sign-up process. You can choose to pay by PayPal, check, or wire transfer. Once you’ve completed the sign-up, you will be able to place ads on your site. Currently, it’s a high-end native advertising platform that generates over 50 billion impressions every month. This ad network is the best alternative to Outbrain.

Another option is CloudApp. It’s a web app that lets you host videos, record images, and share GIFs. Plus, it makes team conversations faster. All you need is an email address and a phone number. With CloudApp, you can start chatting with colleagues, sharing pictures, and recording videos. There are many other features you can take advantage of, too.

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